No. 3 “Okcupid”

Unexpected meeting from a dating site

Okay, maybe I didn't stick to reality that much. At some point I must have let myself be carried away.

"You look familiar," he told me. I had never seen it before. I don't go to places where men show off their hairy chests and carry names like Piers, so I hoped she was mistaking me for any other blonde Chelsea girl caribbean cupid site profile. "I think about it as I go for another drink," he told me.

This time he's back with a champagne cocktail. It sucked almost as bad as it used to be, but I threw it down. He also ordered oysters, which I guess is his idea of ​​seduction. Holding one of those shellfish in his hand, he told me that many people think of them as aphrodisiacs. Of course — like everything else in the world — I already knew that. Piers was starting to get sickly.

No. 3 “Okcupid”

Okcupid Okcupid is a online dating SNS with apps for iOS and An...