Dating Difference between German and American

Formal US-style dating is not regular in Germany. The way couples get together is that they are companions of-companions, colleagues, see each other at birthday gatherings of somebody and so on, stick around together, and unite into a couple.

This is my more established answer:

Not by any stretch of the imagination. “Dating” is talked about as a regular American wonder, an unusual remote custom with points of interest obscure here. We realize that it is about young men and young ladies (or men and ladies) meeting frequently in kind of semi-formal events (regularly in eateries), with potentially turning into a couple. Be that as it may, that is about all we think about it.

This might appear like a joke, yet it is for sure genuine.

Search for instance here, in the event that you read German:

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Obviously German young men and young ladies meet in Germany also, however the idea of “dating principles” or a “dating society” is outsider.