The Rules of Date A British Guy

1. The Danger of Saying “Soccer” to a British Guy

To begin with things first we need to clear up one issue that keeps on pestering me and each other British fellow out there. We adore you American young ladies we truly do, however you need to comprehend that one of your most notable games has got it totally off-base.

Football … simply like the name proposes ought to be utilized to depict a game that comprises of a specific level of contact between your FOOT and a BALL. So truly, why in the world do you call your variant of football, football? Perhaps I’ve been stowing away in a trench my entire life, however the if I’m not mistaken, your form of the game “football” prevalently included utilizing your HANDS to move the ball around – NOT YOUR FEET. That would be called HANDBALL.

Obviously with the inordinate utilization of capitals in that past passage, I’m really enthusiastic about this subject – like some other cliché Brit.

Here in England, there is nothing more disliked than calling football, ‘soccer’. It will without a doubt go down about and in addition slapping the ruler in the face amid her broadcast Christmas day discourse or shouting “Master Voldemort” as loud as possible on the grounds of Hogwarts.

2. The Importance of “Mate”

While “mate” might be normally used to portray creatures getting somewhat playful in the set of all animals, it has an altogether different significance here in England.

The expression “mate” is normally used to portray a dear companion or some individual we get a kick out of the chance to hang out with.

‘No doubt I’m simply going out with my mates today’

‘It’s cool, we’re only mates’

We say it constantly, maybe an excessive amount of. In the event that you’ve anticipating packing a British gentleman, odds are you will run over this word a thousand times each day, so be arranged to put resources into some extremely advanced ear plugs. Keep in mind! in the event that he lets you know he’s “set for see his “mates” this evening”, rest guaranteed he’s not undermining you!

3. The Difference between American Football and Rugby!

Back to American Football once more, it’s truly pestering me. What’s more, staying on the touchy subject of game. We have to clear something else up. The contrasts in the middle of Rugby and American Football are generous. Yes, the object of the diversion is to skillfully smash another man’s skull underneath your feet as your carefully move the ball to the wanted destination, however pay heed to the distinctions in defensive garments worn by our competitors.

Rugby = Players have no assurance


American Football = Players have a full suit of protective layer


Conversely, no defensive apparel makes us British folks 100 times more masculine than yours. Only a little acknowledgment of this is sufficient to support our certainty and light up our day.

4. Our English Delicacies

Us British folks love nourishment. The notable dish that we as often as possible enjoy is fish sticks and french fries. On the off chance that you’ve never attempted it, we profoundly suggest that you do.

In case you’re out on the town with a British gentleman, why not propose that you both go for a spot of fish sticks and french fries and a stroll by the shoreline? By effectively selecting our local sustenance as your picked dish, it will inspire us like frantic that you’ll willing to take a stab at something new, and hey, you may truly like it!

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5. Our Love Of Beer!

More than anything, we cherish our brew and we would unquestionably appreciate that lager significantly more on the off chance that it were joined by an American young lady. In case you’re adhered on what things to attempt at the nearby bar, why not attempt one of the accompanying (with some restraint obviously – we won’t take gently to you drinking us under the table!)

Stella Artois (a solid bigger for the more solidified consumer)

Heineken (a marginally more tamed bigger in case you’re a novice)

Guinness (in case you’re feeling more gallant, why not attempt this customary Irish drink?)

As should be obvious us British folks are extremely primitive animals. Game, sustenance and liquor – what a mix! Obviously there is more profundity to us than this… we can frequently discover time for a spot of peeing on the can situate between our sessions of alcohol, snacks and physical games!